What it’s like to be an ”OILFIELD WIFE”



but not all glitters and rainbows.My husband works offshore, basically 6 months working and 6 months at home with his 28 days work and 28 days off schedule.We live in a small town in Louisiana called Monroe.We have a dog and living a simple life.We both like to travel to places and eat but unfortunately, we don’t get to do that often.This is the hardest part..missing holidays at home.We always have to either celebrate something when he is home or celebrate  it later when he comes back,sometimes we end up not celebrating at all because of the fact that we are always busy when he’s in.

Sometimes,i don’t understand how some wives complains about not getting a lot of “ME TIME” when their husband is mostly home.I sure don’t know what they go through,but it makes me really sad.I always wish my hubby is home with me.It is very hard to be so far away from him.

I moved to the  US Nov.2015.I didn’t know anyone except for those that I was already talking to in Facebook!(his friends and family).We planned our wedding few months before we started on my visa.Got married Jan.2016.We had a simple but elegant wedding.From the decorations, to everybody’s outfits, to his family and friends who came,I loved it!I was gonna sing him a song but when the music started, oh my goodness all I could think about was my family back home in the Philippines,im feeling sad and sorry that they don’t get to watch me walk down the aisle, glad my sister in law stopped the song!LOL! I couldn’t stop crying! But,it was the happiest day of our lives.I sing to him a lot when he’s home anyway, and trust me it bothers him sometimes.haha                    So,after a week, he left for work.

He left,I was home alone.I am sure I’m not the only oilfield wife who cries every time the husband leaves.I always try not to show him tears,i wait until he leaves the driveway.And then there I am,somewhere around the house sobbing, crying it out, because dang! It hurts to watch him leave knowing he will be gone for a month again.But,it is so much better than those times he had to leave the Philippine Airport!

Back then, staying at home felt like a punishment to me.I was an outgoing person before I came here,I do not like being at home all the time.I would always go somewhere meeting friends, clients,delivering orders,or eat.

My first few months here,I couldn’t drive yet, no friends and no dog,no people that walks around, people are always busy,so,just me and the crickets around I hear at night.I am so glad and truly blessed to have a very caring in laws.They are always there for me.They took me to places I needed to go, take me out for lunch and shop,i think it has helped me a lot. I remember that night when I first got here.Of course I was so happy to be finally with my sweet love! no more thousands of miles apart! The next day was “THANKSGIVING DAY”,oh, i was not prepared at all! We were both so jet lagged and exhausted from almost a 24 hr flight.I was so tired!I was embarrassed showing up wearing jeans, teeny shoes and a long sleeve shirt.They were all dressed up.Not just that, i was so scared to talk to them because…oh my goodness my English isn’t so good at all, and their slang just makes my nose bleed!thank goodness my Josh knew I needed him to say the words slowly!hah!every time! Second day I got to meet his dad’s side of the family.Can you imagine moving to the other side of the world not knowing anyone but your fiancee? at first I was scared, but after almost 2 years I can say I’m finally adjusted!From the food, to the people, to the language,to the culture,to the place.Now I have friends.I can drive whenever and wherever I want to.Met few Filipino friends too.

I am amazed how my husband handled our 1st few months together. It was not the same like it usually was because of course, we only had limited time together when he would go visit me in the Phils!But I am so proud of how much effort and sacrifices he made to get me here.You never really know what  true love can do huh? You never really know how dedicated an oilfield man is until you get to be his wife.Maybe not all of them but I’m so proud mine is! Passionate,humble,caring,understanding,loving,very good listener, funny,and God-fearing.Being an oilfield wife is one of the best role a woman can have in this world.It is a blessing.It is something that not a lot of people can take, and something that you would never imagine can change your life in so many ways.Only strong women can understand and handle.It’s not all about the money they make,it’s the home they build, the strong foundation of love they put on our homes.They long for our hugs too, kisses,kind words, they need our encouragement too just like how we feel when everything else in this world seems to crash on us.They’re always tired, sometimes really sleepless, they don’t get to choose what they wanna eat everyday, they don’t get to sleep on a king/queen size bed, and trust me internet is what makes it really sad and hard.You can’t talk to him when you want or need to.It’s tough.So I really salute all the oilfield wives especially those who have kids, and hats off for the oilfield men out there who takes care of their family.

My husband and I still have a long way to go,i believe.We’ve been married for only a year and half.And oh, kids? I’m 28 weeks pregnant…with TWIN BOYS!!! due on Nov.!   So if you have any advice you can give us, we would love to hear.English is not my 1st language,so excuse my grammar!LOL I’m trying! Thank you for taking time to read my very 1st blog.Have a good day! GOD BLESS!!      !