Living from the Philippines to the United States


                                                           –Henry Rollins

I totally agree with that.This isn’t my 1st time to be out of my country, i worked in Korea for a year, which I think was a lot easier to adjust to than I have now in the US.Thank goodness the technology has brought the world ways to communicate with your love ones,or else,  it would be a whole lot of emotional stress.I remember the strange feeling I had when I was about to leave my country for the 1st time,i was excited but at the same time I was sad and nervous.I had to leave to get a job and support my family;that has always been my promise to myself.Growing up with my 6 siblings, and my parents was one of the best things that I’ve ever experienced in my life, but,it was the most challenging and hardest part of our lives, it wasn’t easy, life was so hard on us.We  were happy but we barely had anything.Everything I’ve gone through taught me how to live.After working in Korea,i achieved some of my main goals.For more than 5 years, probably around 8 years, we didn’t have electricity.After Korea,everything has gotten better.We finally have electricity,we have a decent tv, fans,a good size fridge, and a better looking family house and less stress, aha!my parents doesn’t fight that much anymore, you know, financial situations sometimes leads to unnecessary arguments.

Living in the Philippines is cheap, it really is!and I learned about that when I moved here.The Philippines have a high rate on tourism, not just because it’s cheap but you will love the places!

Since the cost of living is cheap,salary is cheap too.You can make $6/day (min.wage) in the provinces, as I can remember, and like $10/day in the city.It depends on what kind of job you have, your educational attainment, sometimes what/which school you went to, and this is why parents would always tell us to study hard so we can get a better job in the future and unfortunately,there’s more high school graduates than college, and a lot of people didn’t even step in school or discontinued school because of financial problems, there’s not a lot of opportunities in the Philippines.Here comes the reason why a lot of Filipinos would go work overseas for years to support their family and for them to be able to send their kids to school especially college, and whenever they graduate, the 1st thing they have to do is to give back,i mean take care of their parents/families.This is what I love about us Filipinos,very family oriented.

I didn’t make it to college.I felt so disappointed  for awhile because I couldn’t do anything, we couldn’t afford it, and again,opportunities aren’t as big as it is in the US.We don’t have student loans.I’ve always worked right after I graduated high school and Im glad I did, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be this strong and independent person that I am right now.If you were to leave me on an island or somewhere alone,i would know how to live.I know education is very important, it’s the only treasure no one can steal from you.Now, i just wanna be happy, as long as I’m kind to people,i’m good.Your educational attainment isn’t going to be a requirement in heaven, right? But of course I would still go to school if I’ll have the opportunity.This time, all my heart wants is to have my own family, a happy family.I haven’t work since I got here,but I had few hobbies I did just to have something to do like making bows and selling them on etsy,or sometimes on consignment events.

I was gonna start wedding film business, but I stopped buying gears because we found out I was pregnant.We know we have to be financially ready since we are having twins!yay!so blessed! Raising a child in the US is expensive compared to the Philippines.In here, everybody needs to have insurance, in the Philippines,hmmm I don’t even know someone that has one, but I know we have health card.Technology is way too advanced in the US tho.


Everything is huge in the US! LOL  From vegetables, to fruits, to meals! I remember the 1st time we bought my husband a large drink from a drive thru in the Phils.He said “I thought you ordered a large drink?” Well,that’s our large here hahaha it was like a small drink from here.A meal here is enough to feed 2-3 people back home.Let’s talk about rice! You know the struggle is real! there are few restaurants around who serves Rice,and it’s frustrating! I lost so much weight my 1st few months here,i was so skinny by the time we got married, we had to get my wedding dress altered!Rice is life to us Filipinos! So glad I’m finally adjusted with food.


*Just like wherever you go,there are good people, and the people you just “cannot” trust!I love socializing with people that has same interests as me.

*People here likes to be tan, they use a lot of tanning products like tanning beds, tanning lotions, creams,sprays or just stay under the sun for hours.We,Filipinos,likes to be lighter, and we use a lot of whitening products,and if you’d go to the Philippines,you see a lot of people that uses umbrellas to protect our skin from the sun.I wanted to use umbrella here before too, but I don’t want people to look at me weird LOL


In the Philippines,usually,the wives has to stay home to take care of the house or kids while the husband works.In here, most people are always busy working.I see both sides advantages and disadvantages.


If you’re from Louisiana or have lived in Louisiana before, you know how it is lol Weather is so weird.You’ll be surprise.It would be cold in the morning, be really hot in the afternoon and it would rain at night.It gets cold in the winter,reaaaaly cold! you will never see me fashionable by this time of the year!jeans,boots,jackets,sweaters.It’s not very bad tho, i’m just so happy we have a heater!   I like spring time, where I can start gardening; i love flowers! I love the fall too, but not when the leaves fall off the trees!if you’re Filipino,you know what I’m talking about!We take care of them everyday in the Philippines,in here it’s bad.Well,who would go outside and rake and burn them when it’s cold anyway?and snakes are scary! they are my no.1 fear! If I’d step on one i would die from a heart attack and not from  a snake bite haha



MUDRIDING with my husband! I was scared, but I learned to love it!



I remember I used to go fishing with my dad, but this time we use a boat!lol The only reason why I like to go fishing here is because there’s no live fish you can buy around.I like to cook fresh fresh!


It’s really boring! but when I see a deer I get so excited! It makes me sad tho having to shoot the biggest one when its family is around.Am I weird? LOL I still like beef and pork better than deer meat. Hmmm im not a fan!We don’t have deers in the Philippines,only in the Zoos! I enjoy doing it tho with my husband,he lets me take a nap in the deer stand and he keeps it warm with a heater hahaha I love him so much!

I’m sure there’s a lot more differences I can share, but I will tell you again guys later on as I learn more.I’ll see you again on my next article! Thank you for taking time to read my 3rd blog.If you have questions and suggestions for my next blog, feel free to leave a comment.Please share my blog, sharing is caring! Have a wonderful day,God Bless you!