1st Three months with TWINS



It is just sinking in.We have twins!
I have always loved babies and im so happy to now have my own.Here’s my thoughts for the 1st 3 mos.
Cheers to making it for 3 mos!
I don’t remember how many times I’ve wished that someone can invent a shot or something equivalent to how much sleep our body needs because It feels like I haven’t slept for a year! IT WAS ROUGH,it still is.If you don’t have twins you will never understand how hard it is no matter how close your babies age gap is! I don’t know how my body is still functioning.
I tried to stay at home without help one night and it was the worst decision I’ve ever made,i cried while they were both crying.Staying at my mother in laws house is something that has helped me out a lot,and im so thankful about that.There were times that my in laws would spend the nights with us too to help me at night and that is so sweet because my family lives from the other side of the world.
The hardest part is that my husband works offshore,him being gone for 28 days makes it feel like forever.My friends told me to sprinkle ground rice cereal on their night night bottle and it has been amazing! They have been going to sleep between midnight to 2 am but they usually wake up from 9-10 am;a lot better than 3-4 hr of sleep for us! Their pediatrician told us to try at 4 mos but my friends mentioned that they tried it at 2 mos and helped em out a lot.They’re 3 and a half mos now so it’s close enough.Ask your baby’s pedia about rice cereal if you haven’t tried.
Now,they are growing fast,can hold their head on their own,they’re wiggle worms,eats 4-6 oz,likes to sleep on their belly,and tries to walk when they’re standing up,they smile a lot,and oh,they like to watch tv too! No matter how hard it is,we try to enjoy time with them while they’re little,they have grown a lot already.From Zayn being 5 lbs and Zander being 4 lbs at birth to stinking 13 and 12 lbs healthy babies.Thankfully they’ve been well even though millions of people in the US got the flu! We can’t do anything at home because all we do is take care of babies but if that means keeping them healthy and safe,we’ll never do the dishes! Haha “Twinmom life” i know! But did I mention my husband is amazing with helping me out with household chores? He does the dishes or laundry when im tired or busy,washes the bottles,organize some and watches the boys when im napping,i mean who does that? I am very blessed,right? My family is not perfect but they complete me.
I am one happy momma and wifey! Everything is finally getting a lot better and rest exists again!

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